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September 22nd, 2001 Rock Spring Club West Orange, New Jersey
The Class of 1966 35 Year Reunion, and Pre-Reunion

PLEASE continue to Help us Find Missing Classmates from 1966
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Missing 1966 Alumni

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Top to Bottom
Barbara Andeweg, Barbara Isler, Pat Cox, Kathy D'Amato, Me, Barb A.
Rich Roth, me, Pat, me, Barb and Barb
Barb, me, Marlene Hirshel, Kathy, Debbie Parsons, Rich Roth
Gail Gallagher, Cheryl Bonsma, Val Hanson, nan Verdi, Sandy Johnson, Barb Pellissier
Jay Schnell, me (in Colorodo), Betsy Monk, Debbie, Barb P.
Bobby Young, and to his left Andrea Stolese
Barbara Andeweg, Paul Di Franco
Martha Herbert, Kathy, Glenn Rosenthal, Charlotte Meyer (Glenns wife) Barbara Kay, Rosaire
Bob Youngs wife, Bob Young, Andrea Stolese, Tom Manzi
Rosaire Nottage, Judy Landa, Diane Davis, Connie Oldham
Keith Carrisilli, Gary Miller, Ray Stambach, Donna Smith Stamack, Lyle Mitschele
Linda Brown, Marlene, Diane Fineran
Betsy, Colins wife Colin Urquhart, Barb P. Charolette, Glen, Marks wife Mark Mintz
Lou Falcone, Diane, Sally Horsfall, Valerie, Ron Renz, Barb P. Connie