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LHS Class of 1966 45 Year Reunion
 Who's Coming

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We Are Coming We Are Coming We May Be Coming
Last First Last First Last First
Cox Patty
Fineran Diane
Fitzpatrick Gene
Fusco Pete
Galdieri Jean
Hemberger Marie
Heyman Ellen
Isler Barbara
Jech Bill
Kocur Bill
Kranz Jim
Miller Gary
Nusbaum Ed
Oldham Connie
Parker Paul
Parsons Debbie
Pearson Don
Rapicano Marianne
Ripa Darnell
Ross Charlotte
Seipic Ron
Seng Harry
Short Ken
Slatnick Janet
Stolese Andrea
Thaw Louise
Townley Linda
van den Heuvel Rick
Williams Stu
Wingerter Sharon
Updated on 9/21/2011
By Gene  
30 Yes's
6.186% are coming
0 Maybe's
0.000% might come